Organic Chakra Shoti Maa Herbal Tea (Purity Flame)


Organic I Am is made from Choco, Mint & Chilli. 


From the Yoga philosophy, our being is composed of all the five elements just like Nature. 

The elements & their combination determine the constitution of out soul & how we interact in life. 

Purity Flame.

The Fire element represents the energy of transformation. 
It may help you to take action or digest a thought or situation. 
Intensity, Refreshing, Direction Transformation.
  • Contains Caffeine,
  • Vegan,
  • Ingredients: 
    • Cocoa Shells, 
    • Peppermint, 
    • Liquorice Root, 
    • Spearmint, 
    • Anise, 
    • Fennel, 
    • Black Pepper,
    • Ginger, 
    • Chilli Pepper,
    • Cinnamon, 
    • Cardamom, 
    • Cloves, 
    • Nettle, 
    • Rose Petals.