Organic Agarwood Candle

Organic Goodness candle scented with the warm and inviting woody scent of Dehn Al Oudh – Agarwood fragrance is a warm and inviting woody scent.
Its luxurious, rich and heavenly aroma makes this our signature scent.
These herbal products are not only the key to a healthy organic lifestyle, but also strengthen our bond with our roots with all that is beautiful and natural.
Instructions for use:
  • Burn at least one hour per inch of candle diameter each time the candle is lit to ensure the best burning efficiency.
  • Do not burn longer than 4 hours at any one time.
  • Trim wick to ¼” (0.5 cm) each time you light the candle.
  • Discontinue use when ½” (1.3 cm) wax remains in bottom.
Made with Soy wax.
Glass jar with black screw-on lid.