Organic Mugwort Infusion


Historically used by Native Americans for spiritual ceremonies, mugwort tea is now known as a strong and exceptional herbal brew.

Although many plants go by the name mugwort, the title is typically used to identify common mugwort, a flowering plant often found sprouting on the hills and banks of the British Isles.

Bearing a thin, weedy appearance, mugwort can surprisingly spring up several feet in height, with its tall stalk bearing pointed leaves and tiny purple blossoms.

Its name is thought to come from the words "mug", meaning cup, and "wort", meaning root.

Most believe this indicates its use in flavouring beer before hops became the more popular choice, although it was the flowers used for this purpose.

Mugwort is featured in a great deal of European folklore, believed to have magical properties, such as being able to offer protection against spirits for homes and weary travellers on the road.

If you are looking for a beverage that provides more than simply taste, mugwort is certainly worth discovery.

This herbal brew is naturally packed with flavour, making mugwort a clear choice for those in search of a truly exemplary beverage.

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