The Goddess, Moonstone represents the female aspect of the crown chakra linking the crown to the buds of the lotus flower that blossom from the crown to the super self and the whole of the inner flute; for the nature of both is flow, change, and growth.

Moonstone can be used to stimulate growth or unexpected change anywhere within the system.

All one can truly count on using this crystal is spontaneous change, using that amazing female logic that goes beyond practice, purpose, and pure definition.

Connection of the user to flow and the cycles of the moon, hence the references to period pains, birth, the womb, child bearing and fertility.

Emotional balance; again due to the reference of the moon and its connection to the emotional cycles

Wisdom; be careful interpreting this one, female wisdom earth bound or universal is unpredictable. Inspiration and flexibility.

Star Sign - Virgo

Chakra - Crown

Make into a gift with a lovely organza bag.