Moon Bath

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Bathing Rituals & Recipes For Relaxation & Vitality. 

Immerse Yourself In The Healing Powers Of Nature.

Discover the transformative practice of moon bathing - bath & shower rituals aligned with lunar cycles. 

Organized by the four moon phase (New, Waxing, Full & Waning), this book taps into the rhythms of the cosmos with 16 bath recipes, including:

  • For Detoxification - a bath of ginger & baking soda.
  • To Cultivate Love - a cacao & rose soak.
  • To Release Negativity - a bath of eucalyptus & bentonite clay.
  • To Connect To Your Deepest Wisdom - a bath of chamomile & lavender.

Each bathing recipe is paired with meditations, journaling prompts & self-care practices for relaxation & self-discovery.

Brimming with ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, plant-based medicine & exercises for well-being, Moon Bath invites you to submerge yourself in the restorative powers of the natural world. 

By Dakota Hills & Sierra Brasher. 

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