Reading & Understanding The Marseille Tarot


The Marseille Tarot Book is one of the earliest decks ever created. 

It is the most popular tarot deck in Europe because of its appealing art & because it draws on the mystical symbols of the Middle Ages. 

English-speaking readers are beginning to recognize the beauty & power pf the Marseille Tarot. 

The non-scenic pips require a different approach, which is not difficult to learn. 

Discovering the Marseille cards is a fascinating exploration of the wisdom of our ancestors. 

An unexpected & powerful journey, the Marseille Tarot opens doors to the hidden mysteries of modern tarot while providing guidance & insight.

Reading with the Marseille Tarot is actually very easy. 

All you need is a deck of cards, a good book & a little practice.

By Anna Maria Morsucci & Antonella Aloi.