How To Read and Interpret Runes

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Since the dawn of time, people have found signs and symbols fascinating, and runes are some of the most powerful signs of all. The runic alphabets were devised by early Germanic societies in the 1st century AD, and were later used as a means of gaining deeper understanding of life through divination. For hundreds of years they have offered ways of coping with the journey through life by providing access to a greater wisdom. This highly accessible guide demonstrates how to access, question and understand the runes.
The meaning of each individual rune is explained in detail, and sample rune readings that relate to common dilemmas show how to interpret the answers provided. You can choose between simple one- or three-rune draws, and more complex spreads using up to nine, and learn how to read the answers to your questions. The fully illustrated book is a highly accessible introduction to the use of this ancient alphabet for divination, protection and healing, and offers a path to spiritual understanding that anyone can tread.

Publisher: Anness Publishing
ISBN: 9780754825791

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