Healing Heart Orgonite Pyramid



Quartz Crystal Point, Rose Quartz, Shungite, Black Agate, Copper, Brass, Mica – Green, Arora Glitter, Resin

A Quartz Crystal Point at its tip wrapped in copper to amplify its energy and is a master healer that assists in bringing the body into balance. A powerful transformation tool that will assist in clearing negative energy, soothe away negative thoughts to bring calm and peace into one’s mind creating a sense of security and safety. This calming pyramid helps to balance energy in your physical body to clear emotional pain, giving a deep sense of connection to your heart, especially good during a period of bereavement and loss. Shungite has been scientifically proven to assist with protection from electromagnetic stress/radiation, whether it is worn or simply placed on or near electronic devices, the benefits of this amazing stone are priceless.

This pyramid is unique, there is only one and it has its own personality and purpose. 


Height: 6.5cm

Width: 6cm

About Orgonite:

Orgonite consists of 3 components resin, metals and crystals and is a continuous and highly efficient transmutation device that draws in negative life energy and re-harmonizes it into positive energy having a profound effect on your well-being and the environment. The structure of Orgonite means that it is a constantly switched on healing tool.

The name Orgonite comes from ‘ Orgone’, the name given by Wilhelm Reich to vital life force energy, also known as Chi, Aether or Prana. This energy is what we are all made of, it is all encompassing, divine and eternal and Wilhelm Reich discovered that there were different states of energy, POR (Positive Orgone Radiation) or DOR (Deadly Orgone Radiation).

Reich found that the original pure positive life force energy was being negatively affected by man-made fields or waves (EMF) which we are surrounded by globally today, from such things as microwaves, radio and mobile waves, electrical masts and lines, 5g waves (which will have a devastating negative impact on our planet), WLAN radiation along with the omnipresent radiation of electronic devices that continually surround us in our homes, work places and even in the countryside. There are two types of EMF’s: Low frequency and high frequency. Low EMF’s are emitted by electricity and appliances. High frequency EMF’s (also know as radio frequency or RF) are generated by wireless devices. And it is the high frequency devices that we are attached to the most - mobile phones, tablets, earphones etc!

There is no getting away from such devices, but with Orgonite, you can shield yourself and your family from these harmful waves that have a negative impact on your wellbeing.

Although Reich did not create Orgonite, it was his ground breaking research that then led to the further development of Orgonite. Orgonite pyramids, pendants and other products have now been helping people globally to protect and shield their own life force energy.

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