Guardian Angel Candle


Candle will burn about 120 hours.

2 1/2" wide and 8 1/8" tall.

Burn this 7 day guardian angel candle to protect oneself from evil spirits.

Guardian angel 7 Day Candles are a great way to protect you and your home against evil.

Light this candle while reciting a prayer, meditating or reflecting. It will help cleanse out the negative energy and replace it with the positive.

The guardian angel is represented on this religious candle as a protector of your home.

She will help you make the right choices in life, pick the right paths, give you courage, give you strength to face your fears, it will make all your problems diminish and restore your faith in the higher powers. 

Take a guardian angel candle home with you and you will notice all the positive influences it has in your life.

Guardian angel: Spirit protector, who gives constant protection to me; my loved ones and my friends who help me, give guidance to those who assist me with answers to my life's problems and give comfort to my soul. Reveal to me what I must do tomorrow, and give strength and courage to my afflicted spirit. Make my problems disappear and restore my faith (concentrate on your desires). AMEN