Frankincense Smudging Wands

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The consecration of spaces, objects and occasions by the ritual burning of fragrant herbs, woods & incense is an age old tradition common to almost every culture.

Smudging is a spiritual process of passing a room, object or even one’s self through cleansing herbal smoke as a path to redefinition and purification.

Packaging: Information in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Made in: India.

Product specifications

  • Frankincense – Blessing
  • 100% natural and botanical ingredients
  • No phthalates / no charcoal
  • Contains 2 pieces per bag
  • ​Fairtrade product

How to use

  • Light the tip of the wand and allow it to flame and then blow it out.
  • As it smoulders it will release fragrant smoke and can be held by hand for a while but should ultimately be placed in a holder.
  • Extinguish when finished and never leave a burning wand unattended.

Maroma: Natural – Fair Trade – Earth Friendly
Ma-from Mother, Aroma-the fragrance, Om-the universal sound, and finally back again to Ma-mother. Maroma aspires to make fine quality products and has become an ambassador of Auroville throughout the world. The residents of Auroville are involved in a wide range of projects including organic farming, renewable energy, green construction, technology, handicrafts and small eco-friendly industries.

Natural: All product lines are developed to create a feeling of wellbeing and inner balance. Most of Maroma’s products are 100% natural: 100% natural essential oils and no chemicals.

Fair trade: Maroma products comply with international natural body care standards. Maroma is a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) and Fair Trade Forum India.

Earth Friendly: Maroma particularly is dedicated to help preserve the planet’s natural resources. The production of waste is greatly minimised, waste water is filtered and solar powered lighting is used. Maroma products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals.

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