Feverfew, Dried


Also Know As Tanacetum parthenium

Apart from preventing migraines (for which fresh feverfew leaves may actually be better), the ancients also recommend it for melancholy and depression. It can help in cases of dizziness and vertigo, and may ally nerve pain, offering cooling, analgesic relief to affected areas. The ancients also praise it highly as a woman's herb, effective to regulate menstruation, bring on delayed periods, expel the afterbirth, and cure inward and outward inflammations of the female reproductive organs, especially a hardened or prolapsed uterus. It also used to be used for coughs and fevers. Externally it was applied as a cosmetic agent to remove spots. Do not use during pregnancy.

Feverfew is planted around the house for purification and protection. In ancient folklore Feverfew was believed to grow from leftovers that had been ritually set aside at the Christmas dinner table and had been thrown out into the garden a few days later. An amulet of feverfew can be worn to prevent all afflictions to the head and to keep one's bearings straight.

50g bag

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