Family Wicca


More than 10 years ago it was the first book written specifically for Wiccan parents. Now it's the 21st century's best reference for the still growing number of neo-Pagan parents who want to introduce their children to the principles of their religion. Like Ashleen's other books it's written from her perspective as a Wiccan but it's easy for Asatruar and Druids to translate and use too. In FAMILY WICCA priestess wife and mother Ashleen O'Gaea offers encouragement shares her own family's experiences discusses real-life challenges and how to deal with them and provides a wealth of simple rituals and inexpensive projects that will enhance your family's life in every way. Learn to ground your family in Wicca without devaluing other religions… explain life sex death compassionately and with calm common sense. Live mythically… and joyfully celebrate the passages in your life. Not only will you find lots of ideas to use right away you'll also refer to this book again and again as your traditions grow with your family.

It includes for example:

Answers to hard questions about the faith from children and non-Wiccan family and friends

Ways to put Charge of the Child into practice

Blessings for daily events and spells for daily problems

Tips on celebrating the Sabbats through camping and other outdoor activities

Projects to do together such as making brooms banners calendars and colouring books Wicca's families are Wicca's future.

The need for mutual support is increasing and FAMILY WICCA is back - revised and expanded.