Dark Grimoire Tarot


A deck to help communicate with our own dark side.

Images that allow us to look into the darkest corners of our souls where we can seek a new light.

Deliciously dark and grimly enchanting, this dread tarot will help you connect with your inner shadow.

Strange creatures and powerful sorcerers dwell in savage landscapes, an inspiring realm where magick is reality.

This ominous, exquisitely crafted tarot is ideal for magicians, witches, horror fans, and anyone drawn to the dark side.

Boxed deck includes 78 full-colour cards and instruction booklet.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890–1937) was a mildly successful writer of short stories known as "pulp fiction."

This was a designation based on the inexpensive, pocket-sized magazines where his stories appeared.

These small magazines were published on cheap paper known as "pulp."

Today, only a few magazines that were originally "pulps" remain, one of them being FATE magazine.

Most of those that survived are now full-size.