Black Charcoal Incense Burner


Stunning Brass incense Burner.

Can be used to burn incense cones and resins, such as Frankincense and Myrrh with charcoal discs.

It comes in 2 parts, the detachable gold grate which lets the smell of the incense flow through nicely and then you have the stunning bass with gold illustrations.

This charcoal burner is most useful when burning natural incense like frankincense tears, lumps of myrrh or other resins.


Place the charcoal in a burner or non-flammable dish. Do not hold it in your hands as it ignites very quickly.

Touch the outer edge of the charcoal with a lighted match or taper and add your powder or resins in the centre of the charcoal.

Each piece will stay lit for approximately 30-50 minutes.

Frankincense is great for cleansing and purifying areas with negative energy.

Myrrh is a powerful guard against evil.

When in use please be careful of the heat.

Upgrade you Charcoal Burner, to our Charcoal Burner Set. 

Charcoal Burner Set Includes:
Black Charcoal Burner
25g Raw Frankincense
25g Raw Myrrh 
Packet Of Charcoal (10 Discs)
In An Organza Bag

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