Chakras & Self-Care


Activate The Healing Power Of Chakras With Everyday Rituals. 

Your Essential Guide To The Healing Wisdom Of The Chakra System. 

The key to optimal health & well-being is within us, in powerful energy centers called Chakras. 

Ancient cultures understood the sacred healing power of Chakras & that self-care aligned with nature. 

In Chakras & Self-Care, you'll engage in a series of meditative exercises that activate & balance each of your seven main Chakras.

Reiki Master & wellness expert Ambi Kavanagh also offers daily & seasonal rituals to show us that true prevention means participating in our health every day & being mindful of the ways in which we spend our energy. 

With the timeless teachings of the Chakra system, you can achieve peace of mind, better physical health & a sense of alignment, fulfilment & purpose. 

  • Affirmation, Visualisation & Activation Exercises - to align & balance each Chakra for improved energetic flow. 
  • A Comprehensive Guide - to the seven main Chakras plus astrological & elemental correspondences & goddess archetypes.
  • Essential Oil Blend Recipes & Sacred Stones - to open & support each Chakra. 
  • Daily Rituals - to recharge & restore your mental, emotional, physical & spiritual health. 
  • Seasonal Energy Rituals - to reconnect with nature's rhythms & lunar cycles.

By Ambi Kavanagh.