Chakra Third Eye Silver Pendant


Chakra Third Eye Sterling Sliver Pendant with Lapis Crystal.

Approx height inc loop 14mm width 18mm, with 7mm soldered jump-ring.

Lapis cabochon is 5mm.

Includes 18inch sterling silver chain. 

Physical Location: In the centre of your brow.
Color: Indigo
Element: Extra-Sensory Perception.
Emotional Issues and Behaviours of Blocked Third Eye Chakra: When your Third Eye Chakra is blocked, you may struggle to have faith in your broader purpose. So, you may feel there’s no point to what you’re doing, or feel it is insignificant. You might also be struck by your inability to make decisions. Some people describe this as a feeling of psychological paralysis. If you have a blocked Third Eye Chakra, you might have trouble sleeping, feel clumsy, and struggle to learn new things.

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