Small Chakra Singing Bowl Set


Set of 7 decorative singing bowls, with the 7 chakra colours & symbols.

Comes in a purple triangular gift box with wooden sounder & cushion.
Information about the 7 chakras in English inside the lid.
Size - 8cm
The Crown Chakra is your connection to the divine.  A healthy Crown Chakra will bring you guidance & inspiration. Life Force from a Greater Power will flow through your system & energise all of your Chakras. 
The Third Eye Chakra is your centre of divine wisdom, intuition & knowledge. A healthy Third Eye Chakra will bring you the ability to see with vision, to know the truth in all things & enhance imagination & connection. It keeps the balance between the physical & the mental. 
The Throat Chakra helps with will power & making choices. A healthy Throat Chakra will bring you the ability to speak clearly & be heard. It brings balance & integrity between the head & the heart. 
The Heart Chakra is the seat of your intuition & emotions. A healthy Heart Chakra will bring you the capacity to accept & forgive yourself, love yourself as you are & heal. 
The Solar Plexus Chakra regulates your self-esteem & your ability to express yourself. A healthy Solar Plexus Chakra will bring you intellectual understanding & awareness of your personal power. it keeps the balance & harmony between the Chakras. 
The Sacral Chakra is about your relationships, creativity, sexuality, control & money. A healthy Sacral Chakra will give you openness & the capacity to forgive. 
The Root Chakra is one's vitality (Chi, life force), your physical energy. It connects you to your origins (family & beliefs). A healthy Root Chakra will give you courage, passion, self-confidence & stability. 

Gift box: cardboard/paper
Singing bowls: brass, copper, iron, zinc, bronze.

Colouring and symbols: lead-free paint.
Bowl size: approx 8cm (all are the same size)