Chakra Sacral Silver Pendant


Chakra Sacral Sterling Sliver Pendant with Carnelian.

approx length inc loop 18mm with 7mm soldered jumpring

Includes 18inch sterling silver chain.

How to recognise that your Sacral Chakra is blocked: 

  • lack of creativity
  • repetitive dysfunctional relationships.You may have the same unpleasant experience over and over again.
  • lack of motivation
  • lack of sexual appetite or unpleasant sexual intercourse
  • emotional confusion
  • you feel unimportant
  • you think nobody loves you
  • you think you are unaccepted by those around you or by the society
  • you think you do not know how or you cannot take care of yourself

Take care of yourself

Sleep enough, eat healthy foods and take longer showers if that helps you relax. Try going to a spa once in a while.

Be understanding with yourself

Do not criticise every action you take.

Be near water

Either by the sea, river or lake – anything that has to do with water can be helpful.

Drink plenty of liquids

Drink water, fresh juices, soups.

Focus on your hobbies

These can be any activities that help you unleash the creativity inside you.

Heal or let go of toxic relationships

No longer maintain connections with people that do not promote or support your growth. If there are unsolved issues or unsaid frustrations, be open and resolve them in a calm way.

Balance your masculine and feminine energies

You can try some techniques for balancing the masculine and feminine energies inside you. Yoga exercises that involve hip opening or hip rotation are excellent.

Spontaneous dance

You could also try a spontaneous dance where you let your body follow the rhythm of the music as it will help you release the blocked energies. 

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