Chakra Root Silver Pendant


Chakra Root Sterling Sliver Pendant with Garnet.

Approx height inc loop 14mm width 18mm, with 7mm soldered jump-ring.

Includes 18inch sterling silver chain. 

There are a few ways you can bring your root chakra into balance:

Bring More Red into Your Life

By bringing more red into your life you will help to balance and open the root chakra. You will naturally gravitate towards red, as you are often attracted to the colours that you need to bring into your experience.  

Do Something Physical & Exciting

The root chakra has to do with your physical needs which includes your physical body.  You won’t want to move your body or do fun and exciting things when this chakra is blocked.

If life feels dull your root chakra is more than likely blocked.  By doing something exciting, it will open it up – bungee jumping will for sure open it up! Basically, anything that elevates your adrenaline will open it up.

Ground Yourself

Besides eating ‘rooted’ foods you can also ground yourself to the earth, which will help to unblock this chakra.

A good way to do this is by walking barefoot outside on the grass or dirt. Or you can imagine roots growing from your feet connecting you to the centre of the earth. Do a quick 3-minute meditation imagining these roots and it will ground you.

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