Ceramic Fatima Hand Ashcatcher


These beautiful hand painted incense holders are the perfect size for a standard incense stick. They will catch the ash as the incense burns. 

The Fatima Hand is a well known symbol, which represents femininity and is suppose to protect the owner from harm & evil. 

The symbol is dated from as far back as the cave paintings. 

The five fingers of the Fatima hand represents protection to defend & ward off against the "evil eye". 

The symbol of "Fatima Hand" is known all over the Middle East and North Africa. The "hamsa" has been variously interpreted by scholars as a Jewish, Christian, or Islamic followers and as a pagan fertility symbol. The symbol dates back to cave paintings.  

The "evil eye" is a curse believed to be cast by a evil glare, which is usually directed towards a person who is unaware. Many are the cultures who believe that receiving the "evil eye" will cause one misfortune, bad luck, ill health, injury or even death. And the saying goes that if your Fatima Hand amulet bears a crack, it means it has been protecting the wearer from very bad luck. 


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