Buchu, Dried


Also Know As Agathosma betulina

Before the dawn of modern medicine, Buchu was a trusted medicinal plant used by the San and Khoisan to effectively manage various conditions. They called it "a cure for all ills", with its most common applications being for; bladder infections, stomach ailments, digestive health, general injuries and skin conditions. 


Buchu leaf corresponds to the Third Eye chakra, your center of intuition. When we’re in tune with our instincts and intuition, confidence and clarity naturally follow. This herb also assists with divination, psychic development, and brings peaceful sleep. Buchu leaf is used in Ayurvedic healing for spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. 

Burn your buchu leaf on its own, or mix with other herbs on a charcoal disk in a heatproof dish to bring overall healing, strengthen your intuition, and help you go with the flow.

50g bag