Animal Guidance & Aspects Oracle

Engage now with the spiritual Animal Kingdom as each vibrant card offers the opportunity to bring about positivity & change. 


Gain self-discipline & more by consulting 48 different animals which span the continents each one helping you to connect to your animal guidance & aspects within. 
Unique to this deck are the dual purpose 'key' words. 

So when a card is turned, it can face either right-side-up or up-side-down. 
The keyword at the top dominates; will it be your shadow or light that needs your attention? The answers await. 
This Oracle Deck Contains:
  • 48 cards full of life-enhancing advice & suggestions
  • Dual purpose key focus words
  • A detailed guidebook with sample spreads
  • Easy to remember & repeat invocations
  • Two detailed readings per card
  • Specific information about each animal's energetic influence