Amethyst Crystal Wand


Beautiful Handmade Healing Amethyst Crystal Wand. 

Ideal for energy work, including Reiki & Chakra balancing, crystal wands come in many options. With each crystal claiming different healing, its effects also differ.

The Clear Quartz point on the top of the wand amplifies the Amethyst's properties, ensuring you extra healing.

What does Amethyst do?

Amethyst helps you walk on the right path. Amethyst helps in finding your destiny by awakening the highest chakras. It connects you with the ethereal due to its purification powers. You can use an amethyst wand to perform crystal rituals of the higher chakra such as enlightenment and meditation.

Here are a few ways you can use your crystal wand:

Draw Sacred SymbolsDepending on your intentions or protective chants, a crystal wand can be used to draw the imaginary line of sacred symbols too. When drawing the symbols with a crystal wand, follow a rectilinear or counter-clockwise direction too.

Opening Your Chakra'sYou can open your chakra's by pointing the healing crystal wands over your chakra points.

Healing OthersExtensively used as a part of Reiki & Chakra Balancing, healing crystals when used for massaging radiate powerful energies which can be felt through the vibrations.

Cleaning your crystal wand is very important. In order to recharge and make your healing work effective, you must remove the negative energy that has been accumulated. 

Zen's favourite way of cleansing crystals is by using a sage smudge stick. Just light the end and let the cleansing smoke drift around the crystal, while mediating on the smoke removing the negative and bringing in the positive. 

Image may vary slightly from the photo, due to them being all unique and handmade.

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