Smudging Shell


Smudging Shell's are a traditional accessory in cleansing rituals.

Used to collect the hot cinders that fall away from smudging sticks or palo santo sticks while its burning. 

Abalone shells where chosen because they are a beautiful gift from mother earth's ocean, bringing the strong, calming & healing energy of the ocean to your rituals. 

Incorporating abalone shells into your smudging rituals means all 4 elements of earth are included: 

  • Abalone shell represents water
  • Smoke represents air
  • White Sage Stick, Palo Santo Stick or Dried Herbs represents earth
  • Burning sticks or herbs represents fire

Including abalone shells in your smudging rituals means you are incorporating all four of the earth’s elements: the shell represents water, the smoke represents air, the unlit herbs or sticks represent earth and once they’re lit they represent fire. 

Using all the elements in your ceremony invites Mother Earth (also known as Mama Gaia) to empower the ceremony.  

How to corporate your shell into your cleansing rituals: 

  1. Light your Sage or Palo Santo smudging stick
  2. Rest the stick in the abalone shell, using it to collect any ashes or embers as the sticks or herbs burn
  3. To bless a person or object, use a feather to brush the smoke around them
  4. You may wish to walk around a space with the sticks or herbs, allowing the smoke to waft into the corners and ceilings
  5. Abalone shells have holes in them, so ensure any hot embers don’t fall through onto flammable materials such as carpet or bed linens
  6. If the smudging sticks have been resting in the abalone shell for awhile, the shell may get hot, so use caution when handling it

Due to them being naturally made, they may look slightly different from pictures.