Karen Jennings
Karen Jennings CMH, C.Hyp. CPNLP

Karen can help you explore your Sixth Sense and open new horizons with sessions in Past Life Regression, Progression, Enhance your Psychic ability, unblock your Chakras using Reiki, Crystals or Hypnotherapy and Tarot card reading. Karen believes we all have the ability to live our lives to its full potential. She sees her work as enlightening other people’s lives, so they are able to help themselves by drawing on their own resources and desires.

Karen costs £30 for a 30 minute Tarot Reading.

Karen Jennings is a licensed Hypnothin (c) weight management consultant (Hypnothin licensed weight management consultants have the highest level of training in weight management).

Karen possess' the knowledge to help her clients discover a wonderful and delightful easy way to take control their weight, shape and size. She can help each client with his/her individual needs to break down emotional barriers, compulsion to eat chocolate, cakes etc. Karen teaches the subconscious that food is not for comfort, boredom or habit.

Gastric band hypnotherapy as seen on TV programs your subconscious mind by convincing it that you have have actually undergone Gastric band surgery. Therefore, it enables you to reach the weight, size and shape you want to be. Gastric band hypnotherapy is a flexible, a non surgical option for reaching your goal. You decide whether it's right for you.

ALL of this for £300 over 3 sessions or if Gastric band hypnotherapy is not required the price is £199.

Available: Thursdays at Digbeth.

Call 0121 643 3933 to book with Karen.