Tarot Of The Heart


50 Ways To Divine Love.

Tarot of the Heart is an oracle of love.

Each card is interpreted & designed purely with love in mind, with separate predictions to help you if you are looking for love, or if you are in a relationship.

Whatever your situation, these exquisite cards will being insightful messages of love, compassion & renewal. 

The 25 cards comprise the Tarot's major arcana along with Faith, Hope & Charity, the three lost virtues of the tarot sequence which have inspired lovers throughout history.

In the book you will find upright & reversed meanings for every card - a total of 50 interpretations - including each card's history & how to lay them out for a reading.

Includes A Beautifully Illustrated 25-Card Tarot Deck & 96-Page Book.

By Liz Dean.

Illustrated By Oliver Burston.