Magic Tarot


The magic Tarot by amaia arrazola is an example of what we consider the feminist Tarot. A Tarot with messages of freedom that can help the revolution that is already a reality: that of women in the world. Everything that is spontaneous, fast and fun is an inspiration for your work. He works in real life, in what happens around him: from a conversation in the supermarket, in the subway or on the paseo del born, the cafes in the Plaza de la virreina, gentlemen playing petanque, or guiris they cook in barceloneta... He loves drawing, graphic design, typography, screen printing, ceramics, sewing and embroidery, stories, old things, weird things, UFOs, unicorns, Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, pink, blue, violet, constellations, the right side of the bed, pizza, hamburgers, milkshakes and koalas. All this has a place in this current and revolutionary Tarot that, we assure, in a while, and not much will happen, will become a reference of tarots with feminine vision.

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