Frida Kahlo Tarot


Frida Kahlo was a woman who gave herself passionately to life, love, family and her ideology; a woman who dignified her roots and changed her surroundings; he lived during a historical period in mexico, in a time of social changes; she believed in her culture and throughout her life she shared and exalted her to the fullest; she was faithful to herself, to love, to her instincts and needs; he lived reality with all its adversities and adapted to it by reinventing himself in all possible ways; Frida Kahlo expresses diversity; this diversity is what generates transcendence and impact in society, overcoming the barriers of culture and time; it also expresses rebellion, love, desire, energy and passion; This tarot represents that strong, different, avant-garde and autochthonous woman, not only for her culture but for her personality; the tarot of frida kahlo seeks to impact the essence and well-being of its owners; represents emotions and feelings common to all human beings, seen in their art, life, ideology and culture.