Heart Chakra Singing Bowl - 2 Sizes


Heart Chakra Singing Bowl Including Beater, not including box or cushion.

Does not include box or cushion. 

Seven Chakra singing bowl set complete with singing bowl beater.

Each singing bowl is coloured for that particular Chakra and has a hand-painted mandala with the relevant Chakra symbol.

Our Chakra's can be become blocked for many different reasons, like emotional distress &conflict in your life. Blocked Chakra's can manifest in your body and mind in more than one way, including anxiety and stress. 

Some of the best ways to unblocking your Chakra's are:

  • Meditation With Candles, Incense & Crystals
  • Soundhealing
  • Chakra Balancing Treatments
  • Connecting With The Earth

HEART CHAKRA - fuels your compassion towards yourself and others.

It is also a unique chakra because it’s the connection between your three base chakras and your three higher chakras.

This is represented by the two triangles in the centre of the symbol – the upward and downward, male and female energies mingling to create that six-point star shape.

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