7 Chakra Pendulum


Pendulums are used as a spiritual tool for healing, answering your questions & your own inner growth. 

How to use your Pendulum:

  • Hold your Pendulum in a stationary position.
  • Ask your Pendulum to show you 'What does no look like?', it will then move in a direction. 
  • Without touching the pendulum, ask it 'What does yes look like?', it will then star to move in a different direction. 
  • You can then start asking your pendulums Yes & No questions. 

Dowsing is a process that uses the Pendulum to seek out energies that are blocked, in the body.  

You can use Pendulums for guidance by asking questions & letting your subconscious guide you in the answer. 

Chakra Healing uses Pendulums to help balance the chakra's, create peace in the mind, body & spirit.

When you receive your pendulum make sure to cleanse it, as other energies other then yours may still be attached.  

The Best way to cleanse your Pendulum is with White sage. 

Make into a gift with a lovely organza bag.