Bath Teabags


Lovely relaxing bath teabags for only £2.50 each!

Instruction for use:

Put the teabag into the bath as the water is running and to get the best out of the ingredients squeeze the teabag gently to release fragrances.

Take a little time when you get in the bath to focus and concentrate on your breathing. Relax and unwind, and set your intentions.

Perhaps you have a mantra or a piece of music to help you meditate?

Immerse yourself into the experience.


Midnight Beach:

Oats, coconut oil, rose essential oil, honey and neroli oil.

Juno’s Tears:

Coconut oil, organic French lavender, sea salt oats.

Feary Hill:

Oats, raw organic coconut oil, chamomile matriciara in grape seed oil, sea salt, dried chamomile, dried gorse flowers.

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