Abundance Glass Crystal Bottle


These beautiful Abundance water bottles are filled with the powerful Citrine crystal, Drinking water infused with Citrine helps to bring all of Citrine's properties into your life. 

Properties of Crystal include: 

  • Opens your solar plexus Chakra & helps to balance the solar plexus, 
  • Sharpens your intuition, 
  • Brings joy, wonder, delight & enthusiasm into your life, 
  • Activates creativity, 
  • Helps raise self-esteem, 
  • Balances hormones, 
  • Improves circulation, 
  • Settles digestion,
  • Detoxification for the mind, body & soul.


  • 25cm in height, holds approximately 500ml
  • Durable, lead free Borosilicate Glass
  • BPA free

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