Myrrh Resin (Raw) 25g


Myrrh is a resin from the trees native to the Middle East and northern Africa. These resins are very valuable because of their fine fragrance and magical properties.

Myrrh has many healing properties that can be used spiritually and emotionally.

  • Myrrh is perfect to use in any rituals for purifying sacred spaces and purifying homes (spiritual house cleansing), especially when you combine it with Frankincense resin.
  • If your feeling stressed or anxious, burning Myrrh will help to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere.  
  • In traditional magical ceremonies Myrrh is used for banishing, breaking hexes & curses, protection against magical attacks and protection against psychic attack. 
  • Myrrh can also be used in aiding sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, try putting a chunk of Myrrh in a pouch and place it under your pillow or near you when you sleep. 
  • The Ancient Egyptians used Myrrh has an offering for the goddess Isis, so if you intend to do any rituals calling upon Isis for her assistance, you should incorporate Myrrh into the ritual.  

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