24/02/2024 - Harmonising with Nature’s Divine Powers and Mother Earth

24/02/2024 - Harmonising with Nature’s Divine Powers and Mother Earth
Date: Saturday 24th February
Time: 15:00 - 17:00
Price: £20 (before fees)

Kemetic Workshop Series

In this series of monthly workshops we aim to open up and explore aspects of the mind, body and spirit to enable further stability in our lives. The Kemetic knowledge, meditations and practices will support, rejuvenate and reignite your spiritual aspects. There are some key elements in your heritage, when taken care of on an ongoing basis, are favourable to your life in the material and non material realms.


Part 1; Harmonising with Nature’s Divine Powers and Mother Earth

Aligning with the Cosmic Dialogue

The wise ancients brought humanity the understanding of the universal dialogue of energies called Bayuali and Yennu. It is a celestial dialogue in which the energies of the Earth, planets, suns, and other heavenly bodies radiate in order to interact harmoniously with each other. The dialogue is central to life because it determines the quality of existence for everything on the surface of the planet and beyond. You will gain recognition of the Universal Dialogue and how that affects you, so you can adjust yourself to work and live favourably within it.


A workshop by The Earth Centre

The Earth Center is an institution founded by Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, a Dogon researcher, cultural activist and master healer and Kemetic High Priest. The Earth Center aims to educate humanity about cultural principles and traditions that have sustained humanity for millenia. The Dogon people, known for their extensive knowledge, trace their lineage back over 2,500 years to the Nile Valley region, from where they migrated from in order to escape colonisation. They settled in various territories in West Africa and have preserved their knowledge through a rigorous system of education and initiation, focusing on harmonising with nature. Neb Naba, fluent in thirteen languages including Medu (Egyptian Hieroglyphs), dedicated his life to sharing this ancient wisdom with the world. He established The Earth Center in 1996, with its headquarters in Chicago, IL,USA, with more temples located around the world, to provide this education to a wider audience. The Earth Center came to the UK in 2014 and has Temples in Coventry and London.


Please note: our events are non refundable.


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