Singing Bowls

The Sounds of the Singing Bowl

The Sounds of the Singing Bowl
Antique Singing Bowls at Zen
Singing bowls or to be more more precise, 'Himalayan Singing Bowls' are one of the greatest creations to ever exist. They have been used for thousands of years and their origins are yet to be truly known. Their mysticism and atmosphere surrounding their presence when being played are beyond words. The shear presence of the Himalayan singing bowls' resonance will take you to places above and beyond, aligning your chakras, healing your mind, body & soul whilst harmoniously bringing you back to home.

For nearly 30 years Zen have brought an array of instruments of healing sounds to the doorstep of Birmingham city and continue to bring stunning collections to you to this day.

We at The Zen Shop have had the pleasure of working alongside some fascinating practitioners and therapists who have dedicated their entire lives to understanding the true nature of sound healing therapy. They know all there is to know about these sacred tools that mesmerise and invigorate our senses time and time again.

These specialist therapists work with a wide range of sound healing instruments from the dominant gongs to the soft sounds of crystal glasses and bowls of all shapes and sizes, each one is formulated to deliver energy raising and balancing qualities. We've seen many demonstrations and sound baths across the U.K spreading waves sounds through the many people wishing to partake in these blissful sessions.

In the last century singing bowls have been used as a healing tool in the sound healing community. They help people by producing incredibly gentle sounds and because they are harmonic, each one produces a range of notes with a dominant bass note making each one unique. 
Sound healing is known to reduce muscle tension, cure restlessness, bring calm and assist your recovery from the many illnesses of the common world! You can work with the bowls around the body and even directly onto the body. Our bodies are finely tuned instruments that change constantly depending on our environments, this affects our state of being both consciously and unconsciously so with the assistance of vibrational frequencies and balancing sounds we can realign ourselves and get back to ourselves again. 

With all this being said, sound healing is so important to us and we shouldn't underestimate it's capability. 
If we can understand that we all resonate at different frequencies and if what science tell us is true and we are in fact vibrating all the time, then we are massively affected by the sounds that surround us, so it's important to be aware of your environment and perhaps to choose more carefully about where we spend our time. It may be the difference in your state of being and your health in general. 
We had a chat with Soesen Edan, a Birmingham based certified Sound Therapist who studied at The British Academy of Sound Therapy, about what Himalayan singing bowls mean to her and how they can benefit us.

This is what she had to say...

"There is no definitive known origin of the bowls but they are known to be part of the bell family dating back to Bronze Age China. Chinese & Japanese bowls are made differently from Himalayan bowls. Tibetan singing bowls are no longer made in Tibet and most bowls are now made in Bhutan, Nepal & India.
Until recently, many people believed that Himalayan singing bowls were made from 7 different metals corresponding to the 7 sacred heavenly bodies: Gold (Sun), Silver (Moon), Mercury (Mercury), Copper (Venus), Iron (Mars), Tin (Jupiter) and Lead (Saturn).

This theory has since been challenged by Mitch Nur who has spent years researching in to the truth about singing bowls. He found out that they are mostly made up of Bronze."

She mentions that "when there is a frequency in our body that is counter to our health it creates disharmony which results in dis-ease. Using sounds from bowls, gongs, vocal chanting whilst coupled with clear focused intention, it is more than possible to project healing energy through sound into the body." 

We would like to thank Soesen for our lovely chat and for giving us the low-down on the origins and the knowledge of Himalayan singing bowls and sound healing. 
You can join in with Soesen's beautiful monthly Sound Baths at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre, in Moseley, Birmingham.
Himalayan Bowl Collections
Additionally you are always very welcome to drop by either of our beautiful shops in Digbeth and in Moseley and play with our selection of singings bowls, we're happy to assist you with any queries you have regarding our singing bowls, talks and courses. 
Peace, Love & Light 
x Zen x

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