Mayday Mayday - A Fresh Injection Of Love!

Indeed the days are longer, the sky expanses bluer and the grass is certainly greener.. Now that spring is in full swing, Zen decided that it was the right time for a healthy injection of love-for-life energy into our heart-filled Therapy Centres! Beautiful!

We love our reader and therapy spaces at both of our shops and wanted to put some hearty vitality back into them. Downstairs in the heart of our shop in Digbeth you can already experience the power of the tree that pulsates Earth energy into our core! And now, in Moseley, we've lifted the features by introducing a green heart-chakra decor, which warms the chest and that relaxes you in an instance, candles are at the ready. 

Since it's birth over twenty years ago, Zen have always thrived in bringing health and well-being to the mind, body and soul. Which is why our focus is placed in the very foundations of our space, down the stairs into our therapy centre. 

There's tonnes of exciting classes, workshops and talks coming to the space and some of us have already had the pleasure of being part of them. 

Our first healing drum session with Drum Together Brum was magnificent. The room was full of like-minded drummers of all skill levels and the vibrations were bongo buzzing. After a brief introduction by Damon, founder of Drum Together Brum, the room was set, 'boom boom bapbapbapbap boom boom bapapapapap' the rhythm of the strongest heart beat brought the entire building to life and had everyone in a meditated & rhythmic trance in our warm and intimate space. It was absolutely magical. 

An old customer of Zen walked into the shop upstairs during the hour and a half long session and began reminisced about the times he used to drum at Zen with the late Sylvia Chandler (founder of Zen) and was pleased to see The Zen Shop continuing it's legacy, in bringing so many people together and always welcomed new light and energy!

You can book in with our shop in Moseley by calling 0121 449 4995! The next session is May 3rd, and every other week afterwards. Get in! 

Speaking of new vibes and love-for-life energy! We'd like you to meet.. HANNAH our latest loving addition to The Zen Family! What a super star.

Hannah - Yoga, Meditation & Healing 

It doesn't take much to see that Hannah is literally beaming with universal energy and after joining her for a cup of tea for a cheeky interview last week, we are simply mesmerised by what she's all about!

From Warwickshire and now residing in Solihull, Birmingham. Hannah has spent the best part of her life learning about and now teaching meditation, yoga and healing. The Zen Shop has been Hannah's one stop shop for her candles, incenses and essential oils ever since she began teaching in 2012 and has known the Zen family and friends for years.

We asked Hannah when she first got involved with Yoga and Meditation..

"My late teens, early 20's my moods were very up and down, like roller coaster type business! Which was not cool (bouts of laughter follow) and so I did some research on how to make myself feel better and started reading to found out that meditation and regular exercise was really good for that! So, I found a meditation class and was like, ooh this is really awesome and my mediation teacher also ran a yoga class, so I started going to that. It was a really gentle kind of yoga called Vini Yoga, a therapeutic style that understands that everybody is different and that everybody has a different need during the class. 

And did you stick to that style? 

"Once I became a yoga teacher, I taught different styles of yoga, hot yoga, vinyasa and taught Yin as well but I've kind of come full circle now and come back to teaching nourishing, nurturing and therapeutic practices so yeah it was a journey through exploring different styles". 

"I began teaching Yoga in 2012 and also practicing Reiki in 2012 as well, so really entered a shift during that period and was making it all happen around that time and also began hypnotherapy at the beginning of 2013". 

Wow! Busy bee! What did you find you engaged with most during that time?... 

"I was teaching yoga lots and always to bigger groups and since last year (2016) I've been turning things around as I wanted to apply my focuses to more healing and therapeutic sessions and less yoga. It's difficult give everyone your complete attention and energy in big group yoga classes. So now, my love is working one to one and in small groups using the many different methods I have for healing therapies be it yoga, meditation, reiki or hypnotherapy. Like the sessions we have coming up at Zen! It just means you can give each person your full attention and you can really hold them in that space." 

Amazing! Do you find individuals get more out of your sessions now than before? 

"Yeah definitely! Because now I can connect with them individually. You want to feel like your receiving the full extent of my focus and healing energy and in a 40 person class you simply can't get that."

True that! So what's happening with your sessions at Zen?!

"So, we've got two weekly meditation classes. The first class is a 90 minute class called Mindfullness, Meditation & Mudra on Monday nights from 7pm-8.30pm which starts on Monday 8th May. In this class we'll be looking at and discussing what mediation is, what mindfulness is what mudras are and the similarities between meditation and mindfulness."

Can you give us an example of a mudra? 

"Sure! One that most people will know is 'chin mudra', where you touch the ip of your index finger and thumb together... 

Like the OK? 

"hehe yeah like the Okaay, so this helps with concentration and each finger represents an element and each finger to your thumb and each mudras represents a different thing.." 

(Metz attempting attempting to throw shapes in the coffee shop is quite a sight and decides to practice later when nobodies watching, lots of laughter) 

"There's many many mudras and each one is beneficial for different reasons, some will sharpen the mind, help you feel more peaceful and connect you more with your heart, make you feel more grounded and that's how we will discuss, explore and share with people and how to use them during everyday life during the classes."

So you can do this like, anywhere? Anytime?!

"Yeah man! Absolutely". 

So just strolling down the road, drop a chin mudra? 

"Yeah!!! Another one is placing your hands in your lap over one another, probably not best whilst driving though! haha! This ones for being fearlessly determined to be peaceful." 

Book in for Monday's Mindfullness, Meditation & Mudra with Hannah at Zen Moseley..

We spoke tonnes about how much we absorb from the energy around us and that one of Hannah's teachers, one of the founders in certain spiritual healing describes our current lifestyles as Kodakomania, where we are addicted to looking at things, addicted to distractions such as phones, T.V, advertisement etc, all designed to take our attention away from a single point of focus, which might be ourselves or our breath for instance.

Hannah intends on focusing our minds to be present in the moment and to give us the power to control our thoughts and helping us understand that the power of our attention is massive.

"For me, choosing your thoughts is the most beneficial for everyone whether practicing yoga, meditation or along any spiritual path because when you can close your thoughts, you can choose the way you feel. And it's not to say you want to feel a certain way all the time, but it's having the knowledge that you CAN have that self-control and start to observe our thoughts and the emotions that follow those thoughts."

Mindfulness, what's with difference?

"A mindfulness practice would be that of the breath, mindful of the way you breathe. The away I like to explore mindfulness is by looking at the word. Having your mind full of the thing that you're doing, so if you're walking down the street, that can become a mindfulness practice. Rather than thinking about all the crazy stuff you have going on in your life hehe or the busyness, or worry and stressing about, your thinking of the feet on the ground, the way your arms are moving, the breathing. Once you understand that principle, we can apply it to everything! That's the kind of mindfulness practices we'll start with." 

"Our first weekly Morning Mindfulness Class begins on Wednesday 3rd May and runs for one hour from 09.45am - 10.45pm." 

Book in for Wednesday's Morning Mindfulness with Hannah at Zen in Moseley.. 

Is there any experience required to join your classes? 

"No not all, it's from the ground up. It's starting completely for beginners but if you have experience, obviously that's cool as well!. We'll be taking our sessions with the view point that people there have never meditated before and each week, we''ll gradually be building and working to our strengths collectively. They are drop in sessions, so you can come and go as you please and we will build accordingly but each week we will start with the simple stuff, so there's no pressure coming in for your first time, everyone is welcome!".

Who would benefit from this class most? 

"Everyone! And especially anyone dropping their kids off at school, have probably had a pretty hectic morning, drop into this morning class right afterwards and you'll walk out floating!" 

Sounds dreamy, count us in. Any final words and a fun fact?! 

"If there was an aim, even in an endless practice I suppose it would be to integrate it into your life as much as possible making it routine and see the benefits of that. I'm also busy creating a course for women at the moment which focuses on whom healing and channeling new workshops that are based around awakening women. Connecting with the Devine or sacred feminine energies. I offer this as a treatment but keep your eyes peeled as I intend on helping teach others how to heal using these techniques too! 

Little and often is better than once and loads but some is better than none... (bursts into infectious laughter!) 

Hmmm fun fact.... I like cats, well actually love all animals!! So maybe.... erm... Actually I have one! I was a burlesque artist for a while!

Wow that' sounds pretty fun!!! 

"Yeah but maybe my fun fact is my burlesque name, Valerie Vagas.." 

Definitely!! Love it! Thanks a bunch Hannah! Looking forward to seeing you more at Zen! 

"Thank you!! See you soon!!" 

Just incase our links for the sessions don't work, or you have any enquiries about our therapy sessions with Hannah, then please call The Zen Shop - Moseley on 0121 449 4995 or email

- Offers In Store -

For this entire month we are making sure your space is kitted out with all candle essentials! Your inner space can be protected with chakra jewellery and with 10% off Chakra Jewellery to encourage you to guard up! We know you'll be sorted this May! 

All chakra candles are reduced in price down from £13.99 to just £10!!! During the month of May! 


We've also got some really exciting talks happening and one to watch out of is our talk on Chakras on Thursday 4th May between 7-8pm! Book here! or call our shop in Digbeth on 0121 643 3933. 

And later this month the long awaited for Psychic Fair on Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st of May!

It's always on top form and always really exciting! Open on both days between 11am-5pm come receive some TLC, guidance and learn about yourself in a completely new way. 

Click here to read all about our last Psychic fair from our January blog, it's super! 

All readings and treatments £10 for sessions for 20 minutes except of rPsychic reader Debs who offers a 15 minute session for £15! Al of the above, absolutely worth it! 

We can't wait to see you this month and can't wait to get our love chakra pumped! Let the love times roll! 

Peace, Love & Light, 

x Zen x 

Digbeth - 0121 643 3933

Moseley - 0121 449 4995