Chakras - The Inside and Out

Chakras - The Inside and Out

Chakras, in Indian tradition and worldwide are the considered to be the spiritual powers in the centre of the human body. Chakra, translates to wheel or circle and there are seven main chakra points aligning your spine from the base or 'root' of your body to the top of your head known as the 'crown'. 

Chakras are key focuses in practices such as Meditation, Yoga, Hindu Tantra, Bon, Vajrayana & Qigong and although these are all Eastern practice, each has made their way into the Western world and its of no surprise really. 

Chakras are connected along these invisible channels within our 'non-physical' body by what's called 'Nadi'. And it is through nadi that these essential life-forces or vital energies (chakras), otherwise known as Prana have the ability can move around. 

There are said to be many chakras throughout our being and there is no question that chakras may exist into the thousands if not infinitely. However, there are seven main chakras which are considered by many to be the most important. 

Let's go through them, they are truly beautiful. 

  • Muladhara; Root / Base Chakra 

The Muladhara is located near the pelvic floor, scrotum and base of our spines. 

This is our root and it's name holds to it's meaning. Here are some key points to what this chakra means to us.;
  • Connection to your being, Earth and your surrounding environment
  • Our security within ourselves and the actions we make
  • Connects us to our Spiritual Ancestors and their teachings
  • Instincts 
  • Survival
  • Fight and Flight Responses 
  • Stability 

This is our fundamental chakra and is usually the most susceptible to being blocked or 'thrown off'. Ever felt like you've been 'swept off your feet'? It's likely your Muladhara chakra is off balance. 

  • Svadhisthana; Sacrel & Navel Chakra 

Also located near the pelvic region, the Svadhisthana chakra focuses primarily on our pleasures, passions and transformations in our body. 
  • Passion
  • Sensations
  • Sensuality 
  • Intimacy
  • Pleasure 
  • Sexuality 
  • Feeling 
Many issues can arise with this chakra as when it comes to enjoyment and passion our energies can be either harmoniously centred or wind violently into disarray, we can focus too much on this which is why Kundalini yoga is such a good platform to control one's desires.

  • Manipura; Solar Plexus Chakra 

In-between the naval and solar plexus you will find the centre power of our ego, personality and identity.
  • Personality 
  • Ego
  • Identity
  • Discipline 
  • Focus 
  • Willpower 
  • Self-esteem 
When we are feeling stressed we respond with outbursts and mayhem. Life events and situations give us many choices and being able to deal with each one requires an understanding of who we are. Aligning your Manipura gives us the power to not just wear our skin with pride but also to allow self-confidence define us as individuals. Choose wisely when making choices when this chakra is at it's strongest.

  • Anahata; Heart Chakra 

Naturally this is located in the centre chest and is the pinnacle for love and at this centre, the Anahata chakra can achieve many great things. 

  • Love
  • Kindness 
  • Peace
  • Generosity 
  • Self-love
  • Healing 
  • Comapassion 

Our warmth and empathetic attitude swells in a vortex of emotional chaos. Though, through this chaos a harmony that each of us can humbly understand. It is the balance of all that is good and evil and it is this very spectrum that, no matter the individual, we can meet in the middle.

  • Visuddha; Throat Chakra  

Situated between the neck and shoulders this is the first of the higher spiritual chakras making this an extremely important chakra. The Visuddha chakra allows us the power to speak our true selves and seek higher spiritual realms of truth, creativity and voice. 

  • Voice 
  • Truth 
  • Purity 
  • Expression 
  • Originality 
  • Sharing
  • Spiritual Ascension 

In life we are taught so many things and whilst so much stays with us through tradition, family teachings and social surrounding, there is always a voice inside us that wants to let the world know that it's there. You identify everybody with how they hold themselves and within a voice you can almost sum up every emotion within an individual, depending on their ability to utilise their throat chakras potential. 
If you've ever felt lost for words or have that 'cat cut your tongue' feeling, you can safely assume some practice on your throat chakra wouldn't go a miss! 

  • Ajna; Third Eye Chakra 

In the brain, and at your centre forehead you'll find one of the most 'looked into' (no pun intended) sought out and mystifying chakras of all , the Ajna chakra. 
Here is where discovery is not only interior but exterior and the exterior we're talking about reaches far beyond the realms of what our conscious mind sees. 

  • Sight 
  • Wisdom
  • Telepathy
  • Psychic Ability
  • Energy Sensing
  • Consciousness 
  • Seeing of Spirit 
When we think about clairvoyance and psychic mediumship we'd be wise to understand that these phenomena are not phenomena at all and that it is with true focus and practice and indeed sometimes a gift, individuals are able to see far more than what's in front of them in this physical realm and have advanced knowledge of the spiritual realms of this life, the future and the past. 

  • Sahasrara; Crown Chakra    

This is truly your upmost ritual point and where many people say timelessness meets with death and eternal life. This the entrance onto which we allow knowledge to enter and is essentially the portal to our existence. 

  • Devine Wisdom
  • Life Understanding
  • Deep Serenity 
  • Life-Source 
  • Connectivity with the Universe 
  • Dream State 
  • Life & Death 
Sahasrara is the highest channel in our being and you must pay very close attention to it. We hear about voices in our heads or people talking with spirits or even God, one could suggest that indeed they are hearing from a devine source and this is where the messages are passed through. However, we would be wise to use all of our chakras when receiving messages through this channel as there is a large spectrum between good and evil so it's fair to say not every message is one you must follow through. You can open and close this access point and in doing so empowers you to filter the messages and even respond with clear intent.

With practice, anyone can utilise the many attributes of having strong, energised and aligned chakras. The way people hold themselves can be an evident reflection of what's on their insides. For instance, have you ever gone to talk to somebody and began to mumble or fluster for one reason or the next? One reason could be that your Solar or Sacral chakra picked up on their energies that made your chakras react, yet you're throat chakra didn't know how to respond! This is common and is just one of the hundreds of examples of how misaligned energies can throw or mislead you off your goals, tasks and journeys! 

Of course, when you do revitalise them and when you've figured out each ones potential, your possibilities are limitless in love, in work and in your life! 

You have the power and ability to transform your life and make it however you want simply by feeding your chakras the right 'foods'! 
Chakras rely on several things to stay aligned and there are hundreds of ways to treat them. 

  • Sound - All chakras resonate at certain frequencies, learn about each one and bring them to life with singing bowls and music that revitalises each chakra.
  • Food - Check out the colours of the chakras for a minutes, now look at your plate! Does anything match? Fruit and Veg guys, that's the only place you'll find your chakra food!
  • Activity - Your body is a key component into your wellbeing and to feel good your body needs to release built up energy. You don't have to run marathons, but cleaning your home, walking and staying active gives your chakras more than even your physical body. 
  • Meditation - Time to relax, meditation doesn't always mean crossing legs and sitting up straight, it's all about relaxing and letting go of your conscious mind. There are many ways to do this! Contact us for meditation advice. 
  • Holistic Therapy - Therapists have always understood how important chakras are to our lives and they have dedicated theirs to learning how to align, re-energise fortify them using a variety of techniques including the well-known Reiki and Chrystal Healing methods.  

We hope you've been inspired or perhaps just reminded about how important our chakras are and we hope you are motivated to get those wheels moving! 

We can help!  

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Peace, love & light, 

x Zen x

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